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Gondola finance is a fork of Saddle, focus on connecting assets on Avalanche. We will begin with Zero Exchange’s z-token, then expand our service to other platforms. Our goal is to enable smooth asset transfer between fragmented liquidities via stableswap.

Our philosophy is that we should only add relevant tokens that actually provides value to our users. Bridging z-tokens to native tokens in Avalanche C-chain allows more seamless asset transfer between Zero and Avalanche as of today. Each asset that we plan to support should serve a unique proposition. With that in mind, tokens to be supported at launch:

  • ETH, zETH
  • DAI, zDAI


This section summarizes the tokenomics for Gondola Finance.

  • Token symbol: GDL
  • Total supply: 500 million


500M token will be minted. 300M (60%) will be distributed through liquidity mining, 100M (20%) asecosystem reserve, 50M (10%) as developer fund, 25M (5%) for airdrop and 25M (5%) for marketing.

Details of airdrop will be announced later. Developer fund will be locked for 6 months. Ecosystem reservecan be used discretionary by governance token holders after governance is enabled


The liquidity mining has a declining schedule with 2 halvings. The first 100 million to be distributed in 2 months, next 100 million in 4 months, then last 100 million in 8 months

Mining Pools#

  • 20% for GondolaGDL Staking
  • 20% for Gondola zETH-ETH pool
  • 10% for Gondola zUSDT-USDT pool
  • 10% for Gondola zDAI-DAI pool
  • 20% for Pangolin AVAX-GDL LPs
  • 20% for Zero ZERO-GDL LPs